Hi there, welcome to my website! I recently created this site using the academicpages template to have a space to share my work. It’s in the beginning stages but keep an eye out for additional content including blog posts, data visualizations, and maybe even some shiny apps in the near (and far) future…

About me

I am a marine data scientist with the Ocean Health Index at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) in Santa Barbara, California where I am the lead analyst for the US Northeast Ocean Health Index assessment and one of many scientists working on the annual global OHI assessments. My work ranges from assessing the global status of fisheries using data limited methods to synthesizing large spatial datasets to estimate and track human impacts on the global oceans.

I am also an enthusiastic proponent of open science and try to implement open science practices in my work. Our research group recently published a paper detailing our path to better science in less time using tools such as GitHub, R and RStudio. I also lead and support data science training efforts for environmental scientists. It’s becoming clear that modern environmental problems will demand data-driven solutions, but there is a significant gap in training environmental scientists how to work with data effectively. A small group of fellow researchers at UCSB and myself started EcoDataScience, a data science study group for like-minded environmental students and scientists to come together to improve their data science skills. I coordinate monthly meetings and have also led tutorials on how to do spatial analysis in R.

My previous research ranges from vaquita conservation to small scale fisheries management and coral biology.

I live in Santa Barbara with my husband and my dog, Banjo. In my freetime I enjoy hiking in the Santa Barbara foothills, baking bread, playing beach volleyball and drinking wine.